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I can not take this anymore. My blood pressure is rising. No more lies, Obama. Just stop telling lies.
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Q. Why did you have the Sec of Defense call that Qu'ran burning idiot in Florida? And why is the CBO now saying that Obamacare will INCREASE costs, not decrease costs?

"Burning a sacred text stands against what this country was founded on. This kind of behavior is the best recruiting tool..."

Ummm... Why didn't you say it was a bad idea and leave it at that. If he wants to burn holy books, let him. He's an idiot. But he has a right to do it.

It is interesting that the Prez NEVER mentioned the constitutional right to burn holy books....

Now he is on to Obamacare. "Bending the cost curve is hard." 

And now he claims he never said costs would go down......

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Q. Talk about Middle East Peace.

Rainbows. Unicorns.

Be serious. The nation of Israel will never be allowed to exist in peace. Despite Israel's best efforts, those efforts are undermined by Hamas, Syria, Iran and radical Palestinians.
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Q. Nine years after September 11, why are there issues with Islam in America?

He thinks it is because we are "going through a tough time."

No, sir.  It's because political correctness is reserved for some religions but not others. When that idiot in Florida said he wanted to burn the Qu'ran, the Prez, the Sec of State, the Sec of Defense, and others bashed him. When Bibles are burned and crucifixes are put in jars if urine and feces, no one from the left speaks up. It's because media bashes Christianity but censors humor involving Islam.

And it's because there are IDIOTS who just hate Islam.
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Q. How have you changed Washington?

OMG. "Prior to us getting here lobbyists run amok"

Ummm... Lobbyists WORK in your White House, even though you promised they would have "no place in my administration."

Now he is saying he has no fault in the ugliness that is politics in Washington... YOU ARE THE CAUSE , MR. PREZ.

You have to be kidding me?!? This guy lies through his teeth unlike anyone previous President (Clinton included).
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Q. Who is going to lead the new Consumer Protection Agency?

For those wondering, the CPA is another bureaucracy whose sole purpose is to coddle idiots who sign up (with their own free will) for mortgages and credit cards and then run into issues (they don;t have money).

If you pay your bills, they have no use for you.

If you are irresponsible and do not pay your bills, the CPA is going to protect you from the big, bad businesses that duped you into signing up for their services.

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Q. Why wait until this heated political season to roll out a new economic plan? And why not call Stimulus IV a "stimulus?"

I swear..."Before I came into office."

He does not get it. When he is running for re-election in 2012 this guy will still be blaming Bush. He has nothing to say but that. And he wonders why his poll numbers are so low?

Now he claims his proposal would have bi-partisan support. Ummmm..... no. Your proposal is half a proposal. It will have no GOP support because they aren't willing to sell their souls to make you look better.

And as far as the $50 BILLION in infrastructure, he has no idea how to pay for it. He has rhetoric, but no plan. No wonder he has to blame everyone but himself.

OH! Now he says STIMULUS I WORKED! But he will not call Stimulus IV "stimulus." 

Love it. He can't even be truthful in front of us!
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Q. Is there a middle ground with you and the GOP when it comes to extending tax credits for the wealthy and middle class?

It's ALL the Republicans fault. They are playing games. They are not serious.

Dear gods, this man is a broken record. YOUR DEMOCRATIC SENATE can do whatever it wants. Why blame 41 Republicans for something your 59 DEMOCRATS WILL NOT DO?

Basically, he is saying there is NO room for him to compromise. He wants what he wants. This is the same reason we have some of the most flawed legislation in history (stimulus I and II, bailouts I, II and III, cap and trade/tax, and Obamacare). This guy does not want input from those who do not believe in his liberal agenda,
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Q: With the economy on the toilet, how is the upcoming November election not a referendum on you, Obama?

What a surprise! It's all Bush's fault. (Does this ever get old?)

And even though things are getting worse (after a small neutral-to-positive bump) it has nothing to do with him and the Democrats that have controlled Congress FOR  FIVE YEARS!

Last administration. Inherited this. The previous administration. The opposition. The last ten years. The last eight years. Past philosophies.  I WANT TO VOMIT.

Is it not interesting that with the Dems is charge of EVERYTHING in Washington, how it is the Republicans fault? They haven't had control of the budget SINCE 2006!

Surely Americans are smarter than this, right? 

Now he's pitching his "middle class tax bill."  All that is is the Bush tax credits being extended. But instead of extending it to all Americans, he wants to tax the rich at Clinton levels (when the rich stopped making jobs for the rest of us --- poor people do not employ folks!).
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I swear... Ten seconds in and this guy's already blaming Bush. Dear goodness, sir, but you've been in charge for more than a year and a half. Surely things are all on your watch now!

Hmmm.... The usual Keynesian economic crap that liberals keep wanting to use (though the model has never worked anywhere on earth).

I agree with Obama on this: Upgrading tax credits for small companies and universities to keep new tech in the USA.

But not this... High-speed rail has very limited potential in this nation. We are too large and have too much open space. High-speed rail only works in nations with smaller, more concentrated populations.

And now Obama is blaming Senate Republicans for not passing his "Small Business Tax Bill." Let's see: The Democrats control 59 Senate seats. Not all the Democrats in the Senate support the bill. And, despite a few good tax credits, the bill affords more power to freedom-robbing unions.

Now he is introducing his next economic adviser. The last one did such a good job that only 15 million Americans have no job (most of them lost under Obama's watch).


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