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Here are some links to help you get by without my Oscar blog:

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Due to tech issues (no place to plug in the computer), I am not going to be able to live blog. See you tomorrow!
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So I was perfect. That's all you need to know...

That isn't true.

You need to know that The Hurt Locker just became the lowest-grossing Best Picture winner in history. It lost to nine other flicks, including the highest-grossing film of all-time.

I will leave you with this:


Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, you screwed up tonight. Anyone tuning in for the big box office flick will never return. Not, though, because their flick, Avatar, lost. But rather because the winning flick was one they never saw. And, when they do see it, they will be turned off by it.

Again: BOO! HISS! BOO!

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Could I go 24 for 24? I've never done that! It would be awesome!!!!

But now we are at the BIGGIE.


Look for The Hurt Locker to continue its winning ways. I say that with a heavy heart as it is NOT deserving. So why will it win? Because it was written by a liberal reporter, is an anti-war film, and was directed by a woman who is James Cameron's ex-wife.

BUT, this year there aren't just ten nominees. There's also a new voting method. Instead of just giving the award to the film with the most votes, it is a preferential ballot. That is a fancy way of saying votes are weighted.... Odd, I know, but that's the Academy for you.

Winner: The Hurt Locker

I went 24 for 24. Good for me.

Too bad a so-so film won Hollywood's biggest award.

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OK... I have a hard time with this one. Not because I don't know who will win, but rather because of why that person will win.

The winner will be Kathryn Bigelow. Was she the best director? Not by a long shot. But she is going to win because the Academy feels like they need to give a directing statue to a woman. I am not being sexist, just honest. Watch The Hurt Locker and tell me its direction was better than that of Avatar.

Avatar is not the best film of last year, don't get me wrong. But it was the best directed. Hell, James Cameron created new technology.

BUT, and I say this with only slight pause, the winner could be Lee Daniels. Why? Because it would mark the first directing win for an African-American. When Bigelow wins tonight, look for Oscar to give the win to an African-American in the near future. It is sad the Academy thinks like this, but that's the way it works.

Winner: Kathryn Bigelow

I am now 23 for 23.
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Best actress is a toss-up and a half. On one hand you have Sandra Bullock. She has won the Golden Globe AND the Screen Actors Guild Award. That means the momentum is with her. Sort of. A lot of voters have been arguing that her best work was NOT in The Blind Side, but rather in The Proposal. That could stop her Oscar dreams.

There is also surge as of late to Meryl Streep. I mean, hell, Streep has been nominated more than 15 times so she must be doing something right. There is a somewhat legitimate argument that Streep should have won last year. And, if that is to be believed, there is a decent chance the actors bloc may vote to "correct" their error. But I am not sold completely on that outlook. Streep did put on a great performance in Julie and Julia and Julia Child.

So, while I am going with Bullock I will keep an eye out for Precious' Gabourey Sidibe. If enough people split votes between Streep and Bullock, Sidibe is ready to get an Oscar. This is a tough one. We are moments away from seeing!

Hmm... The personal stories this go round are a  little creepy. They are trying to be funny, but it comes off as tacky, not sweet.

Holy hell, it's Oprah talking for Gabourey!!!!! Oh, Oprah is making my little Precious cry! Lots of applause. Good for her. She really is honored just to be nominated.

Winner: Sandra Bullock

I am now 22 of 22.
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This is Jeff Bridges' year to win. He has been nominated before and lost to Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas) and James Coburn (Affliction). But, this is the Oscars. The only actor who could possibly pull the upset here is George Clooney. It is doubtful, but possible. Another to watch is Jeremy Renner. The only reason he is a dark horse is his role was in The Hurt Locker. In case you aren't paying attention, it is on a roll tonight. Still, I am going with Bridges on this one.

I do like the set-up. Last year the Academy had five winning actors/actresses present a short monologue about each of the five nominated actors and actresses. It is a nice, personal touch.

Winner: Jeff Bridges

I am now 21 for 21. (Doing a little better than I anticipated. I was betting I'd miss something in the foreign language/shorts categories).
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Kathy Bates rocks. And she is introducing Avatar. As if anyone NEEDS an introduction to Avatar!

Thankfully, this is the tenth and FINAL best picture introduction.
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Shock of shock. Folks with non-American names handing out the award for foreign language films.

The White Ribbon should win since it is the best of all nominees. But, as we all know, that is not always the case. So, what is going against The White Ribbon? Winning the grand prize at last year's Cannes film festival. The Academy rarely gives the Palmes D'Or winner an Oscar as well.  But The Secret in Their Eyes apparently played well in Academy screenings (or so I read from here in Louisiana).... We will see. This is my second least sure pick, but I am going with the Argentine flick, The Secret in Their Eyes!

Winner: The Secret in Their Eyes

My record: 20 for 20.
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Tyler Perry is now announcing film editing...  Interesting.

The Hurt Locker should win for all the changing shots. The Academy eats that up. But, again, Avatar could win it. District 9, though, deserves it.

Winner is: The Hurt Locker

I am 19 for 19.

Looks like The Hurt Locker is on a roll. Winning a lot because it's heading for the big prize or because it is going to be denied the big prize?
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The Cove has everything the Academy likes: an environmental message and foreign pedigree. But this category is always a toss-up. My least sure pick of all 24.

Winner: The Cove

My record is now 18 for 18.
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Jason Bateman is introducing this flick. He is awesome in my book, and he is very good in this flick.

It's just too bad Up in the Air is not a very good movie. (Yet the critics love it, the weirdos!)
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As if we need to read the envelope.... Avatar has this in the bag.

Winner: Avatar

I am now 17 for 17.
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Up's moving music should win an Oscar, but  The Hurt Locker could win one because, well, it's The Hurt Locker. And it does have that weird Middle Eastern-y music once in a while. Then again, Avatar has a long shot, but shot. Anytime James Horner is in this category he is a threat. But that doesn't mean either of those should win! Up should, dammit!

OH HELL. Interpretive dance. Oscar! You know this never works out well. Why make us suffer? Cut the five minutes of this BS and get on with the show. We'd rather see who wins golden dudes rather than watch dudes dressed in tight pants fly around a stage! For the record, no one in this room is paying attention. There was a mass exodus for the bathrooms.

Back to the award, thankfully.

The winner: Up

I am  16 of 16.

Note: This is exactly where I want to be right now. This gives me some wiggle room just in case there are some upsets in the major acting and picture awards.
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And now Demi Moore is introducing the In Memoriam segment. Last year there was a beautiful chorus and I am happy to see it lives (no pun intended). Is it weird someone made a Ghost comment when Swayze's dead...?

Here are a few I will miss most:

David Carridine
Dom Deluise
Ron Silver
Horton Foote
Budd Schulberg
Karl Malden

Tasteful song by James Taylor. Good deal, Academy.
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Sandra Bullock is on stage (and not to pick up an Oscaer, not yet anyways)...

Avatar should win this hands-down. The new tech makes it the shoe-in. But Basterds looked better, and that's in 2D!

Winner: Avatar

I am 15 for 15.
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Killin' nazis.

What else does anyone need to know about this amazing film?!?!?
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Sound Editing should go to The Hurt Locker. Why? It was loud. Avatar likely deserves this award, but life and the Oscars are not fair.

Winner is: The Hurt Locker

I am 13 for 13.

Sound Mixing should go to The Hurt Locker as well. The Academy does not split the two very often. But this could be the year... Avatar does have a lot more of the "soft" noises. Still, people want to reward an anti-war flick, so I'm betting Hurt Locker racks up another trophy.

Winner is: The Hurt Locker

I am 14 for 14.

I like when speeches are short and precise. The tech men and women know how to accept an award!
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Taylor Lautner? Really?

And the skit was weird.

That's all you need to know...


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