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First, I am back on Twitter. You can find me at chrisbrad79.

For the longest time, I never got any Twits, but could not figure out why. That is until yesterday. At some point many months ago I must have accidentally reset my tweet preferences to only receive "direct messages." Basically, those are inbox messages sent from others' web tweet accounts. But no one uses Twitter like that, so I never got anything.

But now that is solved and I am getting Tweets again! Just be sure you add the 79 to chrisbrad, otherwise you are getting someone else.

Secondly, as I have for at least the past 15 years I sat in front of the TV and watched the President deliver the State of the Union address. I have to say, Obama delivered one of the worst in my memory. It was divisive, preachy, and downright condescending. The worst part was hearing a President outright lie to the nation. His characterization of the recent Supreme Court decision was not just false, it was intentionally misleading. And, for that among other things, he should be ashamed.

But listening to the state-controlled media, one would have walked away thinking this speech was among the greatest ever spoken. On one hand, I am saddened by such awful bias. On the other, I am happy ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox have shown their hands.

Oh well, SOTU speeches are always a letdown. Just a series of promises sure to be broken in the next twelve months (and that is true of both parties' Presidents).

Until later...


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