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Liberals = Believe government should act as a Big Brother
Tea Party = Believes in responsibility for one's self.

Liberals = Believe the government creates jobs
Tea Party = Believes the private-sector creates jobs

Liberals = Exploit minorities by the use of the false-racism card
Tea Party = Does not  care what one looks like; just does not want others to run our lives

Liberals = Believe in the ideology of progressivism, socialism, marxism and fascism
Tea Party = Believes in pure capitalism (where "good" prospers and "bad" falters))

Liberals = Cherishes how government tells you what to do and what to buy
Tea Party =  Desires a limited government who is there to assist if you need it (for a limited duration with stipulations)

Liberals = Believe the public needs to be led like children (and expects the public to act like children)
Tea Party = Believes everyone should act like adults

Liberals = Is led by an elitist core who think they know what is better for you
Tea Party = Is led by everyday people who want to be left alone

Liberals = Believes minority groups should be labeled such as African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, etc.
Tea Party = Believes we are all Americans and should not be separated by politicians

Liberals = Believe illegal immigrants and other undocumented workers should be made citizens
Tea Party = Believes "ILLEGAL" immigrants should be deported and the border secure

Liberals = Believe Americans should use European laws in American courts
Tea Party = Believes the Founding documents and US Code are the extent to American law
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I have charged my phone and made my sign. Now I am just waiting to leave work so I can make it to the Red River Tea Party in Bossier. There will be lots of pics from the event over the next few days, but here's my favorite from last year.

Here is a link to the Red River Tea Party.


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