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Mad Men has won three years in a row. But Lost had a strong final season. And Dexter had its best season. And Breaking Bad is awesome. And True Blood is awesome. Then there's The Good Wife (shrug).

The good bet is on Mad Men. Only Dexter and Lost really have a chance, slim as it is.

And the best drama series is: Mad Men
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Another lock is about to happen.... Temple Grandin is going to win. No doubt about it. Especially after all the awards the show has racked up this evening.

Winner: Temple Grandin.
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The Pacific is a lock. A lock I tell you. Think about it, how could the follow-up to Band of Brothers lose?

Winner: The Pacific.
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Look for Al Pacino or Michael Sheen to win.

Winner: Al Pacino
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Whoot! The True Blood cast! WHOOT! WHOOOOOOOT!

If The Pacific loses it will be a travesty..... But Temple Grandin might win.

Winner: Temple Grandin.
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If Claire Danes loses I will never blog about the Emmys again. She is the only one of the nominees worthy of the award.

Winner: Claire Danes
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Either Temple Grandin or The Pacific will win. That simple....

Winner is: You Don't Know Jack

And apparently I don't know jack, either. Big surprise. Big, big, big surprise.
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Jewel is playing guitar and singing something I do not recognize.... Then again, I am a guy, so I don't exactly rock out to Jewel.

Some of the bigger names I'll miss:

Roy Disney
Jean Simmons
Peter Graves
Rue McClanahan
James Gannon
John Forsythe
Brittany Murphy
Dixie Carter
Lena Horne
Dennis Hopper
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Patrick Stewart should win, but with all the Masterpiece series this year who knows...

Winner: David Strathairn for Temple Grandin
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Fallon has the guitar again. Kill it. Now!

And now we have moved on to miniseries and movies. Other than The Pacific, who cares?

Julia Ormond is the only actress with a chance in the category. She was terrific in Temple Grandin. The others were good, but nowhere near great.

The winner: Julia Ormond.
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I am really hoping O'Brien wins this award. Not just because he is the best, but because it would prick NBC a little more. That and I can not stand John Stewart.

And the winner is: John Stewart.

I just vomited. But I am not surprised. Hollywood loves giving leftists awards. Boo. Hiss!
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So Ricky Gervais is talking... He usually cracks me up. But Mel Gibson-Jew jokes are getting a little old. Now he is handing out beer to the front row...

I am saying the Olympics Opening Ceremony will win... After all, it has never lost. But who knows... This evening has had its share of upsets already.

And the winner is: The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.
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Now it's time for the variety series. The fun here is that Conan O'Brien and his team have been nominated in these categories for his short-lived/NBC-axing show... And the Emmys  are on NBC this year. Awkward fun for all!

The first award in this category is for writing for a variety series.

Oddly, the Emmys usually award this trophy to the writers of that years' Oscars....who usually are the people writing the Emmys' script. It's a weird Hollywood incest. But this year's Oscars really were unfunny. So no telling who will walk away the winner.

Winner: Tony Awards

Nothing like an awards show honoring another awards show.
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The next award is for lead actress in a drama. All the momentum is for The Good Wife's Julianna Marguiles. But Connie Britton shines so damn bright, she could pull off a dark horse win. Further, with Glenn Close, past winner Hargitay and critical darling Sedgwick, not to mention a Mad Men actress, in the running, this category could be a toss-up.

Winner is: Kyra Sedgwick

Another slight upset.
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And now we are to the award for directing for a drama series. The Lost team should win for the finale, but I would happily see Dexter pull off the upset (or even the Breaking Bad crew).

Winner is: Dexter

Another upset I am happy to see. Dexter is a beautifully created series. Good for the team!
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Now we are at the award for lead actor in a drama. My favorite is Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights and Michael C. Hall for Dexter. But Bryan Cranston has walked away with the award for two straight years. No need to change that...

Winner: Bryan Cranston
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The next drama award is for.... WHO CARES! It's Emily Deschanel and Nathan Fillion.

The award should go to Moss for Mad Men, but a Good Wife actress could pull an upset.

And the winner is: Archie Panjabi for The Good Wife.

Another sort of upset.... Makes me wonder if The Good Wife is heading toward a showdown with Mad Men for the big drama series award at the end of the night
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Time for supporting actor in a drama. Terry O'Quinn won this award last year. And, being he shined in this past (and final) season of Lost, he is the favorite to win. But amazing actors and underdogs like Aaron Paul could pull off an upset. In fact, I'd happily be wrong if it meant Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul pulled an upset in this category.

The winner is: Aaron Paul

I am so happy to be wrong. He rocks. Rocks, I say!
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Dear gods, Fallon has a guitar and is singing again.... Someone stop him.

Drama time!

The first drama award is for writing. Odd.... The drama writers are funnier than the comedy writers. Awesome!

I am betting the Lost writing team walks away with this one.


The winner is: Mad Men

The Lost team was robbed. While the finale made me mad (no pun intended), Mad Men is far from the best written drama. Boo. Hiss!
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For all 8 years of this category, The Amazing Race has won Best Reality Competition Series. There is no reason that streak should come to an end.... BUT..... Shows like Project Runway, Dancing With the Stars and Top Chef could topple the reality giant. Oddly, Survivor isn't even nominated this year (for the first time since the category was created).

The winner is: Top Chef


I figured Dancing With the Stars would topple the king of the category that is The Amazing Race.


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