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So it has been several months since I have been on either DW or LJ. There's just too much stuff to do (life/work) and not enough time to do it. What little free time I have has been dedicated to personal drama, my kitties and playing on my PS3. There is just something wholly cathartic about shooting teenagers (via CoD or BF3) with a warm, fluffy kitty on my lap.... Weird, but satisfying...

Let's see.... Everything else pretty much sucks. I am still broke. I have had zero breakthroughs. Oh, and my health sucks....

I have little power over the first two, but I can do something about the last.... A little, anywho...

So, I joined a gym for the new year. I went yesterday and now I feel completely terrible. Nothing but teenagers with 28-inch waists and guys my age with six-packs and bulging arms.... Talk about a quick way to make a guy's self-esteem go from nothing to negative.... Part of me really wants to make a change, but there is a huge part of me that wants to be lazy... Being lazy is easier.... But there is also that huge part of me that wants to be a dad one day... And let's face it, I have to change for that to even have a chance...

The plan is to eat healthier. Not healthy... I would fail at that in a clogged heartbeat. Instead I am simply looking for healthier. I am also going to start walking again and I will go to the gym at least twice a week. The walking should be easy, I just need to trade videogame time for walking time. Then I need to trade cokes and donuts for tea and salads. The gym, though, will suck. I have already decided I will use that for the weights and that is about all... Besides, I couldn't afford the extra classes... There is a guy that has been assigned to me as part of my fee so I will utilize him a little. No too much though, as his chest is larger than my gut.... Damn.... I hate him.

Anywho, so that is that. I am not expecting a miracle. I would give anything for one, but I need to keep my expectations low... If I could lose 50  pounds this year I would say it was an overwhelming success... Although, I would much rather have a nacho cheese chalupa than a serving of no-fat spiced rice... (I hope these craving will vanish...Day 2 and I am wanting to give in...)

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