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Well, well, well....

It is that time of year yet again. Time for the pretty people on our small screens to pat each other on the back. That is right: It is EMMY time.

When it comes to picking winners for the Oscars, it more more of a mathematical calculation --- determine strength of the nominee, the pedigree of the nominee, the voting bloc for the category, the prior nominations and wins at earlier awards shows then throw in a pinch of gut to boot.

But the Emmys are a different breed.

See, the Emmys are creatures of habit. For example, see Mad Men. Don't get me wrong. Mad Men is a great, superb, awe-inspiring series. But it has won three years in a row for best drama. But was it THE best each year? No, but that matter not to the Emmy voters. They like to keep it in the family so to speak. That means that HBO will get a little extra strength than broadcasters. That means move stars get a little more support than small screen stars. That means that once you've won, you're likely to get a nomination (and likely a trophy) year after year.

That is what makes the Emmys such a tough nut to crack. Just because a series or star comes along that is bigger and better does not mean it will get the recognition is deserves. Having said that, I always like to make a guess. And, as always, I am more than happy to let it be known who should win. we go!

Outstanding Drama Series
‘Boardwalk Empire’
‘Friday Night Lights’
‘Game of Thrones’
‘Mad Men’
‘The Good Wife’

SHOULD win: Friday Night Lights
WILL win: Mad Men

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Steve Buscemi, ‘Boardwalk Empire’
Kyle Chandler, ‘Friday Night Lights’
Timothy Olyphant, ‘Justified’
Michael C. Hall, ‘Dexter’
Jon Hamm, ‘Mad Men’
Hugh Laurie, ‘House’

SHOULD win: Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights
WILL win: Jon Hamm for Mad Men

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Kathy Bates, ‘Harry’s Law’
Mariska Hargitay, ‘Law & Order: SVU’
Julianna Margulies, ‘The Good Wife’
Mireille Enos, ‘The Killing’
Connie Britton, ‘Friday Night Lights’
Elisabeth Moss, ‘Mad Men’

SHOULD win: Connie Britton for Friday Night Lights
WILL win: Julianna Marguiles for The Good Wife

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Peter Dinklage, ‘Game of Thrones’
Josh Charles, ‘The Good Wife’
Alan Cumming, ‘The Good Wife’
Walton Goggins, ‘Justified’
John Slattery, ‘Mad Men’
Andre Braugher, ‘Men of a Certain Age’

SHOULD  win: Walton Goggins for Justified
WILL win: John Slattery for Mad Men

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Kelly Macdonald, ‘Boardwalk Empire’
Archie Panjabi, ‘The Good Wife’
Margo Martindale, ‘Justified’
Michelle Forbes, ‘The Killing’
Christina Hendricks, ‘Mad Men’
Christine Baranski, ‘The Good Wife’

SHOULD win: Margo Martindale for Justified
WILL Win: Kelly Macdonald for Boardwalk Empire

Outstanding Comedy Series
‘Modern Family’
‘The Big Bang Theory’
‘Parks and Recreation’
‘The Office’
‘30 Rock’

SHOULD win: Parks & Recreation
WILL win: Modern Family

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Louis C.K., ‘Louie’
Matt LeBlanc, ‘Episodes’
Steve Carell, ‘The Office’
Alec Baldwin, ‘30 Rock’
Jim Parsons, ‘The Big Bang Theory’
Johnny Galecki, ‘The Big Bang Theory’

SHOULD win: Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory
WILL win: Steve Carell for The Office

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Edie Falco, ‘Nurse Jackie’
Laura Linney, ‘The Big C’
Melissa McCarthy, ‘Mike & Molly’
Amy Poehler, ‘Parks and Recreation’
Martha Plimpton, ‘Raising Hope’
Tina Fey, ‘30 Rock’

SHOULD win: Martha Plimpton for Raising Hope
WILL win: Laura Linney for The Big C

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Chris Colfer, ‘Glee’
Eric Stonestreet, ‘Modern Family’
Ed O’Neill, ‘Modern Family’
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, ‘Modern Family’
Ty Burrell, ‘Modern Family’
Jon Cryer, ‘Two and a Half Men’

SHOULD win: Ty Burrell for Modern Family
WILL win: Ed O'Neill for Modern Family

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Jane Lynch, ‘Glee’
Julie Bowen, ‘Modern Family’
Sofia Vergara, ‘Modern Family’
Kristen Wiig, ‘Saturday Night Live’
Jane Krakowski, ‘30 Rock’
Betty White, ‘Hot in Cleveland’

SHOULD win: Jane Krakowski for 30 Rock
WILL win: Betty White for Hot in Cleveland

Outstanding Reality Show

‘The Amazing Race’
‘American Idol’
‘Dancing With the Stars’
‘Project Runway’
‘So You Think You Can Dance’
‘Top Chef’

SHOULD win: The Amazing Race
WILL win: American Idol

Of course, there are other categories that involve miniseries and made for tv movies, but who cares about those? 

That is all...for this year... 

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