Jan. 10th, 2011

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OK, I have waited a few days to see what the fallout was going to be. But I can't hold back anymore. Let us look at the facts. A deranged young man went on a shooting rampage at a Safeway near Tucson, Arizona. He managed to kill six, including a nine year old and a federal judge, and wound 14 others. Apparently he targeted the Congresswoman  who was holding a town hall at the store. What is not for certain was whether or not he had a reason to kill her specifically or if he chose her because of her high profile (resulting in more media coverage).

No matter his reasons, one thing is clear: Jared Loughner is a completely insane nutbag. And, in all honesty, that is all that should matter. I could care less what his politics are compared to hers. He is crazy. Look at some of his YouTube videos and a link to a story about his home and college life:

Killer's Weirdness

He is a nutball who thinks the government controls people via grammar structure, he revels in the idea of conscious dreams and his favorite books include "The Communist Manifesto."

NUTBALL! That's it. End of story, right? WRONG! Because his politics include distrust of the government, the Left and the media are claiming he is a Tea Party Republican. Two points...

One, where is the evidence of this? Have the media forgotten that BOTH the Left and Right have fringes who hate the government? On the Right are militias. On the Left are Anarchists. They BOTH exist. They are BOTH a little nutter. But exam time... When was the last time you caught a person on the Right with a copy of "The Communist Manifesto?" Better yet, when have you heard of someone on the Right naming it one of their favorite books? It doesn't happen. Anarchists? Yep. The fringe Left? Yep. But not on the Right. Still, the rush to blame the right is telling (more to follow).

Two, who cares? Seriously. Who cares what the politics of loons may be? I don't. A crazy person is a crazy person. Why must we always have to dig into the back story? Why must we assign blame to anyone or any part of society when it is the actions of THE IDIOT WHO WENT ON A RAMPAGE?

Ah! That's the real issue behind this tragedy.

The VERY NIGHT of the shooting, the sheriff of Pima County went out of his way to say the shooting was political and lay blame at the feet of "vitriol" in political discourse. He continued by blaming "radio and TV" hosts who fan flames of political anger. Earlier that day, CNN and MSNBC both had guest after guest after guest who blamed the American Right and the Tea Party. CNN actually invited a liberal cartoonist on to bash conservatives and say this was all their fault. FEW took the time to blame the idiot shooting up a Safeway.

Wait a minute! The last time I checked, I have control over my actions. No one one the Left or Right will influence me in a manner to kill or maim. That is pure idiocy. Even if I were a complete shell of a human who was on the verge of snapping, there is no way this is true. It's any easy way to place blame. But that's all it is. A way to blame people we do not agree with.

How about this? We agree to blame the idiot who committed a crime and leave it at that? But, again, no. The Left and the media want blood. They are hopping mad that the Right is on to them. And they are going to use this tragedy to "target" the American Right. 

Look at what has already happened. Within minutes of the shooting, the Left began passing around the link to Sarah Palin's "target" list from the 2010 election that crosshaired Democratic Congressmen and women who voted for ObamaCare but whose districts voted for McCain on 2008.


But why is the Left not trotting out their own commands to kill? 

This is an image from the Lefty website, DailyKos, and the DNC:

Hmm... Look at that. Bullseye targets on Congressional districts. Using the Left's own strategies, I guess Markos Moulitsas is guilty of incitement. But that is just stupid. But didn't Palin use that targeting list over and over again. Yep. And so did Moulitsas and the DNC:

Link to Bulleye info
More Targeting Info

But wait! Doesn't the Tea Party and those mean, mean, mean people at Fox and the conservative radio stations want the Left to literally die? Nope. I've never heard of that. You hear that all the time from the Left:
NPR host wants conservative Senator's grandchildren to get AIDS and die
Just Google any MSNBC host and death to (fill in the blank)

But are there not some fringe Right sites that call for violence? Yep. And those sited are for loons. The same thing is true on the Left. They Left has just as many fringe sites that call for violence as well. But, oddly, there is this DailyKos page that was scrubbed over the weekend:
MY CONGRESSWOMAN IS DEAD TO ME (links to site with cache and commentary of the deleted DailyKos page)

The problem is this: The Left and Right have nutballs. They do exist. And when they act like fools or kill people we should all call it like it is: A tragedy committed by a NUTBAG IDIOT.

But that is not enough this time. The Left and the media are, like I said earlier, out for blood.

The sheriff wonders if free speech is a good thing.
The Brits are already laying blame at the American Right.

The American Left already proposes curbing free speech by Congressional action.

Hillary Clinton calls him a political "extremist."

It's a coordinated, vicious attack on the Right. A loon goes nuts (likely a loon with Leftist tendencies) and the world stops spinning. Seriously? I think people should be allowed to yell and scream anything (except REAL threats) at Congress and the President. Heck, under Bush people could without repercussion. Years of Code Pink vitriol. Even a movie about Bush's "assassination." But no one said the Left was out of control. No one thought there needed to be legislation against speech that is not agreeable.

And the media? The media is the worst offender. This morning every major channel has lead with people speculating as to the NUTBAG's desires and political interest. Not people that knew him, mind you, people speculating.

Remember when that woman went NUTTERS and shot three at the University of Alabama? Everyone urged caution when her background revealed she was "obsessed" with Barack Obama and "took to heart" when he said "...If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

Remember when a NUTTER went crazy and killed 13 at Fort Hood? The media "urged caution" when reports of a Muslim man yelling "Allah Akbar" was the shooter, instead focusing for more than an hour or two that  there was "a likelihood" the reports of a Muslim involved were "overstated, exaggerated or worse" and the shooting was "more likely" a crazed member of the Army. (In fact, it was a NUTTY Muslim angry with the US.)

Remember when a NUTTER tried to set off a bomb in Times Square? New York's Mayor Bloomberg speculated the Right tried to commit the act because of their desire to defeat Obamacare even though it was a crazy wanna be terrorist.

Remember when a NUTTER took over the Discovery Channel HQ? Remember the NUTTER Pentagon shooter? Remember the NUTTER who flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin? All these people turned out to be Leftists, but their acts were speculated by the media to be the acts of the Right.

It is interesting the Left and the media are doing the same thing. Democrats are jumping at every chance to get on TV to say "we need to turn down the rhetoric." As if these people are innocent! Both sides straddle the line of talk and action. But THAT'S THE WAY IT NEEDS TO BE.

It is only NUTTERS that cross that line. The Left, as shown above, have plenty. The Right does as well. But instead of scoring political points, why can't the sides come together and grieve for our losses and pray for the  victims? Instead of rushing to lay blame and cap free speech because of the acts of a NUTBALL, why can't we come together and see that 1 idiot did something wrong while 310 MILLION did not?

I find it despicable this is not happening. Let's remember those who are gone and stop this mindless speculation and blame game. It is not fair to the Right, the Left , this country nor the victims.

Christina Taylor Green
Dorothy Morris
John Roll
Phyllis Scheck
Dorwan Stoddard
Gabriel "Gabe" Zimmerman


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